TITTALLON  founded in the Netherlands in 2007, is committed to R&D of technical outdoor and ski products.The brand name originated  from the first letter of "TRUST IN TALENT, TURNS ALL OF THE NATURE". It advocates for the brand concept to establish a new balance between human outdoor activities and the natural environment.
Tittallon  is created for professional, business and fashion wearers. Each with its functional purpose and activities to meet the various demands from customers. It is a challenge in designing against traditional understanding. You'll be impressed by the uniqueness of Tittallon. Not only from its sophisticated workmanship and amazing technique, which are built by the critical attitude and tremendous effort of the whole team, as well as the born talent!


The 1980 s, the northeast industrial citiy Zwolle, in the Netherlands , two young men MR. HERMAN VLIERHUIS and MR. HEMS ARHITERHUIS partnership to run a  work wear shop.They found that many customers to buy clothes from their shop not for working, but for sea fishing, yachting, hunting, hiking and travelling . They engaged in work fashion, the characteristics of this series fiber is a better drape, waterproof, breathable, warm protection and other outdoor professional function, it especially meets customer needs for outdoor leisure activities. Meanwhile, this situation raised this two young men's ethusiasm immediately.
   In the early 90 century, a brand named "ADVENTURE" company was founded which focus on designing and producing outdoor production. The product sales from the city of Zwolle small town rapidly extended to the whole Holland. The products are not only carrying the features of the both fashionable and functional but also integrated into the city's leisure elements, the consumer groups are keep expanding. With the further development of the brand, in 2007 "TITTALLON" brand was borned. It advocates for the brand concept to establish a new balance between human  outdoor activities and the natural environment. The brand name made from the first letter of "TRUST IN TALENT, TURNS ALL OF THE NATURE".
TITTALLON- NATURE’S FRIEND. This is TITTALLON’S concept “TRUST IN TALENT, TURNS ALL OF THE NATURE” directly expression. It reminds us constantly Nature is our partner. TITTALLON uses such simple words so that we can more easily remember it and reminds us of nature are our partners; friend is a mutual love and respect.TITTALLON-NATURE’S FRIEND。


A difference called Technology.
A difference called Quality.
A difference called Design.

Wherever difference exists, people made it.
For the different of people, there will be different thinkings,
where comes out the different products. 
We are born for this difference! We are dedicated to this difference!


phylex 3.5L冲锋衣获得cf产品大奖金奖


phylex 弹力滑雪衣获得ispo award金奖


3D甲胄中层获得ispo award大奖



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Tittallon adopts a new technology of laser cut and seamless tape.The non-stitching technology in ways of ultrasonic welding, not only reduces the weight of the products, but also improves the windproof and waterproof, what’s more, makes the products perfectly  looking both in right and reverse side,which enhances the total value.


3D embossed  and  application technology with proper materials combined  mainly used on the shoulder, elbow ,back, and side of hip etc., help to release the pressure and reduce the risk during the out door activities, which is the special care to improve the body feeling and protection.


Part of the products are in laser cut workmanship to achieve the goals of neat looking, water proof, weight reducing, and reinforcing etc. It makes many of the designing ideas be real. The technology of laser cut also helps the patterns more precise and the details more sophisticated.



PHYLEX achieves the hardshell function with softshell characteristics. It is Tittallon’s concept
for outdoor wears’ tendency.It is an ideal fabric meets all outdoor wears.

Extremely high waterproofness no matter how strenuous the activity;
Exceptional breathability thanks to a highly efficient membrane structure;
Minimal condensation;
Highly durable,flexible,nonporous membrance;
Soft and quiet hand feel,will ensure that your wear comfortable and flexible;
Enhanced water repellency;
4-way stretched.


Powerfill is the new filling materials for winter wears to achieve the goal of warmth keeping with down properties, but with heat maintaining in even wet conditions. It is much lighter and softer in hand feel than normal insulation materials. The loft inside is fixed well by super micro fibers in piece structures, it solves the problem of moving or migrating , like down or traditional materials, into piles after washing, which makes the warmth keeping always stable for all of the insulated part. It is lighter, but the bulkiness is even more than normal, and the capacity for heat retaining as well. It is a real powerful insulation which makes winter wears special. 


 Silk Cool fabric, which is super stretched, light, thin, soft touch like silk, highly breathable, wicking, quick dry, and UV protection. 


The shell finished under special treament is totally windproof,waterproof and highly breathable,will bring you cozy and dry touch while doing outdoor activities.


The shell has the features of drying quickly when it gets wet, it is 2.5 times quicker than the normal cotton or other similar materials, which ensures you to feel dry and comfortable, 
with this function the shell has the ability to radiate the heat quickly as well and it make you feel cool.


Tittallon’s fabric in wicking function has the super ability to absorb the Sweat and make it evaporated rapidly, which keeps you feel dry and comfortable after sweating, one more important thing is bacteria will not have the chance to stay with the body.


Stretching is particularly emphasized in the application of fabrics for Tittallon.Combining the stretching with the kinematics and ergonomics allows you to  feel the excellent flexibility 
and comfort in outdoor activities.