What's the meaning of Tittallon's Logo?

The layout of the logo represents the melting of the culture between the west and east. TITTALLON Chinese label is by a ice axe seal, and written with a brush TITTALLON letters of the alphabet, combining printed the Chinese traditional “TI TUO” (Chinese trademark) brand theme made by “TITTALLON-NATURE’S FRIEND”. The combination is the meaning of the expression of the concept of binding a western culture. Outdoor sports like other western culture and technology from the west passed to the east, the different culture is continuing affect each other. Merging this two cultures, it becomes a balanced international culture and it more widely accepted in the world. TITTALLON’S logo with its unique combination expressing its fusion.
Seal: A traditional Chinese element, the ice axe is come from the first letter of “TITTALLON”. Alpine snow and ice axe expressed outdoor sports brand meaning inherent the ambition of scaling the heights but also contains a hardship and courage.
Brush writing brand name: Western letters written in Chinese brushing writing to convey the possibility of integrating Eastern and Western cultures. Print “TITTALLON” trademark and brand subject: TITTALLON in traditional Chinese are traditional letterpress type font, but the brand subject English is the western printing, it is an expression of Chinese typography into western, and absorpted by western, it ultimately in the printing technology on continuous improvement and invention, with today’s more advanced printing technology. This historical examples in LOGO on the expression of the East-west combination of technology and development, it convey meaning of learn from each other, improve together.
The Chinese name of “TITTALLON”, just as “TITTALLON” brand identity, on the basis of western culture, there’s a cultural extension of the east. TITTALLON’s idea: “ti” for the classic, “tuo” for changing, for the pioneering and innovative, just as the expression of “TITTALLON” brand, a extension of classic, to be creative and innovative.

Why tittallon products look very different?

All styles of TITTALLON including printing are original exclusive design, fabrics are specially tailored as well. All processes is in line with world famous brand. Therefore, this is the reason why it's distinguished from normal products in color and texture.