Briko is an italian brand founded in 1985 in Milan where the Scuderia flame is still burning thanks to great and unique athletes: starting from skiers like Alberto Tomba, Marc Girardelli, Lasse Kjus, Deborah Compagnoni, Kristian Ghedina, Jure Kosir, Bode Miller, Lindsey Vonn to Nordic skiers like Bjorn Daehlie, Piller Cottrer and again great cycling heroes like Tony Rominger, Marco Pantani e Mario Cipollini. The Briko mission is to bring its energy to its products in order to generate Iconic Products for athletes who demand performance and safety without compromises. This Free Fighters mentality leads the Briko evolution and relaunch started at ISPO 2014.


The history of Briko dates back to 1985, when the company started producing ski wax for the Italian ski team; after its athletes' success, Briko widened its product range to include goggles, helmets and technical clothing; these products were designed together with the Briko sponsored athletes who took part in the equipment development process. 
Today Briko products are sold in over 60 countries; Briko is carrying on its product development, currently focusing on skiing (both Alpine and Nordic skiing) and cycling; its wide range includes goggles, masks and helmets, as well as sports technical clothing.


A buning Vulcan. New Iconic products, Scuderia spirit, Characters Heads and Free Fighters: are all elements part of the new Briko future. For being always Cutting Edge. And to call all the passionate sports people to become part of the Scuderia. Today the Briko Vulcan is burning: the Scuderia is workinbg hard to relaunch and repositioning the brand. A 360 degrees operation: starting from developing new Iconic products with Cutting Edge technologies, to the Free Fighters relationship, called to be part of the Scuderia. This is one of the most passionate aims of Briko: the company is thinked as a real Scuderia where everyone knows their own know how and share it with the others. Today the Briko Scuderia has reach the right balance between young people filled of enthusiasm and experts ready to bring their capabilities. A philosophy at the end consumer service.





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The Briko “PROTETTO” patented  system is an additional ABS shell able to absorb shocks and increase safety. Its position increases shock absorption on the nape area that is the most frequently impacted in case of a fall. During 2014 Vulcano FIS 6.8 had been awarded with an ISPO Award in Ski Helmets category and it had been selected for the ADI INDEX annual publication, competing this way to Compassod’Oro award selection.


The continuous research in the materials field has allowed Briko to develop a new technology that uses hybrid materials with different performance in different areas of the helmet. The upper shell is made of ABS for the best safety on most frequent impacts areas, the underneath one is made of in moulded polycarbonate for the best lightness.



Nastek lenses, from NASA technology, are able to filter the 100% of UV A, UV B and UV C,till the 98,9% of dangerous blue light emissions improving this way
eye protection and contrasts.


It’s our mission: to protect the eyes from Blue Light damage and to enhance vision contrasts, and in turn make the skiing experience more enjoyable. It has been our mission in the past and will be forever into the future. All Briko lenses reduce Blue Light harmful radiation, from 98,9% of the Nastek? “Original” lens to 85,6% of the Nastek? Sapphire. The Blue L?ght Protetto symbol on each of them testifies to Briko’s guarantee of protection.



The Venturi System uses the head shape to accelerate intake air flow and steam expulsion.

Internal tunnel structure drive air from the front to the rear ports.


It’s the new regulation system for Briko helmets. A micrometrical wheel allows fine adjustments of the neck support that, with its width and enveloping,guarantees an outstanding stability and perfectly adapts to the head shape. The central arm allows a deep vertical positions range of the regulation system preventing the undermining of the helmet,even in case of impacts. Finally, the entire system is extremely small and lightweight, enhancing the
whole helmet comfort.